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19700 Bloomfield Avenue
Cerritos, CA 90703
(562) 809-8079

 A unit of the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation System


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Quickstart Tennis (ages 5-6) - Clinic


Cerritos Tennis Center offers two times per week where kids (ages 5-6) can practice their tennis skills through supervised drills with clinic instruction.   The children ages 5-6 play on a 36-foot court, with a 19, 21, or 23 inch tennis racquet and foam Quickstart Dunlop Speedballs.


The goal of these clinics is to help children not only practice their tennis strokes but also experience point play.  The Cerritos Tennis Center divides the regular tennis court into 4 tennis courts and uses mini-tennis nets which helps children to better experience the game of tennis and the art of playing out points.  


At the age of 5-6, the physical abilities and mental/emotional development level means that only three situations are really relevant and able to be developed: rallying, serving and receiving.


·        Playing Situation 1: Playing from the back of the court.   This situation requires rallying skills, or more specifically, the forehand and backhand ground strokes.  Once children can rally, games and competitions can be used to get them playing tennis.  However, for 5-6 year-olds, some time needs to be given to helping them receive as well as return the ball after it has bounced.  They also need to learn how to control the racquet and the ball together.

·        Playing Situation 2: Serving.  The skill needed for this situation is to hit the ball out of the hand before it bounces – as a serve.  For 5-6 year olds the overhand serve is more difficult.  The underhand serve should be taught first so the children achieve success.

·        Playing Situation 3: Returning the serve.  For a 5-6 year old, returning is a technical skill about receiving the ball and learning about positioning, rather than about tactics of the return.  The main goal is to return the ball over the net. 


The Quickstart Tennis (Ages 5-6) Clinic is offered at the following times








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